Ancestry Visa Mortgage – An Ancestry Visa Mortgage is a mortgage secured on a residential property. The mortgage is aimed at those applicants from commonwealth countries who come to live and work in the United Kingdom under the privilege of an Ancestry Visa.

If you are currently living and working in the United Kingdom on an Ancestry Visa (or intending to come) then you may be interested in getting a Mortgage. You may be able to buy your first or even a second home. If so then we may be able to help you get a mortgage. We can help with a range of mortgages which can suit your needs, and help you buy your home in the United Kingdom.

The mortgage lenders that we work with have very competitive rates! Do not think that you will be paying over the odds just because of your Ancestry Visa status. If you fit criteria then you have the same choice of mortgage products as everyone else.


I am here to give you the right guidance at the right time! If this is done correctly this makes getting an Ancestry Visa Mortgage not that difficult to obtain. Mortgage Sourcing Software most commonly used by Mortgage Brokers do not filter which lenders will consider mortgage applications from Ancestry Visa holders. The key to getting it right is purely down to understanding the varying circumstances of the typical Ancestry Visa holder. We have and continue to thoroughly research the market using technology as well as the old fashioned way. We have good communication and have experience with the lenders directly. This is so that we can avoid pitfalls which can lead to rejection.

I have helped many Ancestry Visa Holders successfully get a Mortgage and onto the property ladder. 




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