Not in the UK yet? If you are planning to come to the UK to live and work you may be interested to buy your own property at your earliest opportunity. Unless you can pay cash for your new property you will most likely need a mortgage to help buy a house or flat in your desired location.

If you are coming under the privilege of an ancestry visa you will still have to meet the same lending criteria as British citizens if you want a mortgage. Additionally, you will have to navigate through the application process bearing in mind that there will be extra criteria to meet in relation to your ancestry visa. We can guide you and help you understand what you need to do.

In our opinion it is never too early to get in touch. We often speak to people several months before they come to the UK and we are quite happy to give an indication whether you will be a good candidate for a mortgage. If you are there are several things that we can advise that you do once you arrive in the UK. A small amount of preparation well in advance can save you several months.

First of all we need to get you visible to lenders when they perform a credit search. This takes some careful planning based on your circumstances. Then we need to see if we can give you any pointers to quickly improve your credit score. Recently we helped a South African get a mortgage and as soon as he arrived in the UK he took our advice on how to increase his credit score and his results from an external credit reporting agency are below. It was more than good enough to get him the mortgage although it must be emphasised that each lender can score people in their own way.