Mortgage Lenders

As a “Whole of Market” Mortgage Adviser I can search the whole of the marketplace to get a mortgage for you.  There are over 130 different mortgage lenders ranging from high street lenders, the large corporate mortgage providers right down to the smaller building societies and niche lenders within the United Kingdom.


Each of these lenders have different sets of lending criteria aimed at the different types of people and markets that they want to attract. It is not all down to getting the lowest rate but quite often the aim is to find the mortgage lenders where you fit criteria and then have a look at their offerings.

There are a small handful of lenders that are prepared to lender to Ancestry Visa holders. Each of these lenders have their own lending criteria and they all could not be any more different from one another even if they tried.

I deal with ancestry visa mortgage clients every day and knowing how to get the mortgage through the various stages is as much of a skill as knowing each lenders criteria. It is not that hard if you have the experience of submitting as well as having up to date research material at hand.

Apart from the normal criteria everyone needs to meet, some lenders insist that you have been living in the UK for a set period of time whilst others are less stringent. A few lenders are fussy about how long you have left on the visa whilst others do not seem to mind to some degree. Most of the lenders require a large deposit and some will accept a smaller deposit…..and so the list goes on and it is up to me to guide you through this minefield as best I can.

Allowing me to get to know your financial situation is crucial to the advice that I give!

Credit scoring is a factor with most lenders and my advice here at a very early stage can help you a great deal.

Always the best way forward is for you to get in touch, let me know what you want to achieve so that I can advise the best possible route to home ownership.